How to express the qualities of wood in an innovative way.


More than thinking of the physical aspects of wood, we chose an intangible value: fragrance - something unique to each species of tree - something which can suggest fond memories, or unexplored places.


KiKiKi wants to share the experience of the forest (the breeze, the savour, the bouquet) in its purest state, no matter where you are.









The Designers


KiKiKi was conceived of and designed by Heredia&Komiyama.

A creative couple based in Japan and Spain, Heredia&Komiyama is experienced in both architecture and product design.


The Craftsman



We searched for craftsman with the perfect combination of sensitivity

to materials and precise workmanship.


Matsuba Workshop is located in Fuchu City, Hiroshima, a town of traditional artisans. It is a small company specializing in high-precision wood manufacturing, with the skill to bring out the individual charm in each species of wood, and craft unique products through simple yet demanding techniques.




Ki in Japan says many things :


木 - Ki is the tree.

  聞 - Ki is to savour.

器 - Ki is the cup.



Logo designed by







- the refreshing beauty of wood -

KiKiKi - Japan

- the refreshing beauty of wood -